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How insurance protects your things in storage

For your own benefit and protection, you’ll need to insure your belongings while storing them with Shurgard.

Why you need insurance

Although we make sure all our stores are fully insured for such things as natural disasters, you’ll need to get insurance cover for your stored items against loss or damage.

What the insurance policy covers

The insurance policy we offer covers direct damage to or direct loss of your goods during storage and transportation caused by:

  • force of nature e.g. storm, flooding, fire
  • a third party e.g. when a driver hits the gate
  • burglary in your storage unit or location after break-in

In the unlikely event your storage unit is affected by one of these risks, you can claim the insured amount of your stored belongings (as mentioned on your insurance certificate) provided that you were allowed to store these goods at Shurgard and taking into account that the maximum amount that can be received is the insured amount as mentioned on your insurance certificate upon the condition all policy conditions are met. 

More information in the Insurance Terms & Conditions.

How much insurance costs

The actual cost of your premium will depend on the insured value of the belongings stored in your unit.

  • For €15 a month, you insure up to €2.499 worth of goods
  • For €20 a month, you insure up to €4.999 worth of goods
  • For €30 a month, you insure up to €9.999 worth of goods
  • For €40 a month, you insure up to €14.999 worth of goods
  • For €50 a month, you insure up to €19.999 worth of goods

Bespoke insurance can be arranged for you via our broker in case you are storing items of higher value than mentioned above.

Why is insurance not included in our quoted price

Our rental prices can’t include insuring your stored belongings because the amount you’ll need to pay to insure them depends on how much they’re worth. 

Where to get insurance

We can provide you with insurance created especially for Shurgard customers by Marsh.

Alternatively, you can contact your insurer and ask for a quote. Conditions vary per insurance company, so make sure you ask your insurer for more details.

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