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Packing supplies

Protect your fragile and most precious belongings in the best possible way.

Discover our wide range of packing supplies below and buy them at any Shurgard location near you.


Discount on boxes and packing supplies**

  -10% on all purchases from 15 € to 29,99 €  
  -15% on all purchases from 30 € to 49,99 €  
  -20% on all purchases from 50 € to 99,99 €  
  -25% on all purchases from 100 €  


2,50 €

  • Tape to secure the small, standard, large and wardrobe box
  • 66 m x 5 cm

Tape gun

10,00 €

Tape gun
  • Make taping up your boxes a quick task by using a tape gun
  • 1 roll of tape comes with each tape gun


8,00 €

  • Ideal to protect items during transportation & storage
  • Prevents scratching
  • 200 x 150 cm

Dust cover

8,00 €

Dust cover
  • Protects against dust, for multiple usage e.g. chairs, sofas
  • 600 x 300 cm


10,00 €

Bubble wrap
  • 1 m high so more appropriate for larger items e.g. pictures, mirrors.
  • 15 x 1 m

Shrink wrap

10,00 €

Shrink wrap
  • Ideal for protecting items during transportation and storage, such as drawers to ensure they stay closed, so items can remain in the drawers
  • 170 m x 25 cm

Double mattress bag

7,00 €

Mattress bag
  • Protects your mattress against rain whilst in transportation and dust whilst in storage
  • 225 x 180 cm

Silk paper

10,00 €

Silk paper
  • Clean recycled paper to be used for the protection of glasses, crockery and other fragile items
  • 75 x 50 cm, 100 sheets

Buy moving boxes and packing supplies at any Shurgard location below

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